Forcefield 4 1200 Watt 10" Compact Subwoofer picture

Forcefield 4 1200 Watt 10" Compact Subwoofer

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GoldenEar's award-winning ForceField subwoofers have been engineered from the ground up to combine subtle musical detail with earth-shaking high-impact power; all in attractive, compact enclosures which blend well into any environment. Paramount in our design goals was the importance of not sacrificing sound quality to achieve unrealistic size goals. But just as key was the importance of compact size that did not make the subwoofers any larger than necessary in order to achieve uncompromising, state-of-the-art, sonic performance.

The ForceFields all combine high-power forward-radiating ultra-long-throw sub-bass drivers coupled to downward-firing quadratic planar infrasonic radiators. This brings together the superior transient response and detail of moderately sized active drivers with the subsonic capability and extraordinary room-filling coupling of large diaphragm radiators. In fact, the radiators, in combination with the slot-loading to the floor, approximate the near perfect impedance match to the air of a well-tuned transmission line. This combination is also very flexible in terms of room-placement requirements. The ForceField 4 utilizes one 10" long-throw high-output bass driver, one 11" x 13" quadratic planar infrasonic radiator and a 1200-Watt ForceField digital amplifier.